HAI-Technology is based on the know-how from decades of consulting on leadership and innovation.

Renewable energies are our main focus, developing a portfolio orientated to solutions for the customers’ needs.

We rely on the strong network of R&D institutions and specialists all over Europe.

In our portfolio we propose selective technologies that have proven their usefulness and on high-end innovations

at the peak of today’s developments.

Most important for us are satisfaction of experienced customers and functionality.

We do have a comprehensive approach and do not depend on single producers. Including different types of technology,

different producers and different approaches we are able to deliver best solutions for each situation and each task.

Together with producers, researchers and developers from our network we are steadily working on the further development of our technologies and on broadening the areas of application.

We are led by transdisciplinary curiosity and interest and the expectations of our customers.

To secure the success of the investment and to forward know-how and technology transfer we organise trainings and long-term educational programs. 

HAI Technology offers a comprehensive portfolio in different technologies to meet the expectations and needs in different areas.

We are always looking for the next piece of the puzzle to form a complete picture.